Life of a Coach’s Wife – Sheri Jans, New Mexico State

The life of a coach’s wife has a lot of ups and downs. There is the notion that you might not be in the same place year after year. You have to be the calming effect for the family. There are obstacles to deal with such as a crazy COVID year in which you are in a bubble quite a bit. 

But, choosing to be a coach’s wife comes with those understandings. It comes with the knowledge that you have the opportunity to impact the lives of others and that you now have extended family. 

It comes with knowing when to share thoughts on a game and when not to. And Sheri Jans has seen it all. The championships won to a wild loss at Chicago State. Being in a bubble in Phoenix, Arizona because of COVID restrictions in the home state of New Mexico. 

And on, and on. But, for someone who has come to love the outdoors despite a fear of heights, it is about perspective, support and patience. Perhaps that is why she bakes cookies for the players. By, the way, the most requested cookie she gets is basically already pre-made. It is a Reese’s Pieces cooking. All she has to do is cut the dough, place it on a sheet and bake. And then watch the smiles on the players’ faces. 

If you have any question about how a coach’s wife feels about the players, just look at what Sheri Jans did Saturday night. Sheri was Clayton Henry’s escort with a huge smile on her face on Senior Night. 

Ups and downs and handling them with a smile. It is what being a coach’s wife is all about. 

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