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Brandon Betson and Chicago State got their first conference win in nearly four years on Saturday afternoon. Courtesy NMSU Athletics.
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New Mexico State PxP Voice Adam Young Talks Aggies, COVID and More

It is another one of the daily podcast episodes. Adam Young comes on and will be on every Monday to talk about the Aggies.

In this episode, Young and Kyle talk about the win over Chicago State, the depth issue for the good facing Chris Jans, the fluidity of COVID, and a young Chicago State team. The Aggies used a big second half to knock off Chicago State at the Pan Am Center. It was just a matter of the Aggies hitting shots. In fact, at halftime, head coach Chris Jans wasn’t even upset. He just asked his players to raise their hand if they missed a shot at the rim. Seven players raised their hands.

But, Adam gives his thoughts on Chicago State. The Cougars are a young team with a lot of energy. Jahsean Corbett and Brandon Betson are really good. And despite playing shorthanded, the Cougars held their own against the preseason WAC favorites.

Adam and Kyle also discuss the issues surrounding schedules. It seems like more and more, coaches are coming out of the locker room early to watch warm-ups. It is almost like this is planned so the coaches know who they are facing or who will be playing for their opponent. This is the case because of COVID and how it is impacting teams all over the country. It makes game prep that much more difficult as you don’t know who you will be facing night in and night out.

Neither Adam or Kyle would want to be in the shoes of the head coach, director of ops or the trainer. Those are perhaps the three worst jobs at the moment having to deal with all the changes due to COVID. But, the games must go on and there is hope teams will reschedule after going on pause and we can get through the season.

Give it a listen.

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