Utah Tech
Utah Tech head coach Jon Judkins enters his 18th season on the sidelines for the Trailblazers. Courtesy Breanna Biorato/VisuallyBreanna.

UTU Head Coach Jon Judkins Talks New Contract, Recruiting, and Roster Info

Utah Tech men’s basketball head coach Jon Judkins is the all-time winningest collegiate coach in the state of Utah. Along with that, Judkins is the longest-tenured coach in the WAC, entering his 18th season in St. George. Judkins just signed a 5-year extension right as the Trailblazers enter a new era where they are finally eligible for the WAC Tournament. Rosters schedules, recruiting and more are in store for those watching this episode of the Straight Outta WAC podcast. Image courtesy Breanna Biorato/VisuallyBreanna.

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