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WAC Hoops Mailbag – Expansion, Non-Conference Games, Dixie State

It’s a Tuesday edition of the WAC Hoops Mailbag. Although that isn’t how it’s referenced in the episode, fans’ questions about WAC hoops are answered as best they can be. 

WAC expansion which has blown up over the past 24 hours is featured. Sources are saying that Southern Utah, Sam Houston State, Lamar, Abilene Christian and Stephen F. Austin are joining the WAC. This would mean that college football is returning to the Western Athletic Conference. 

Problem is the WAC would have to bring on another school to make it an 8-team football conference in order to keep the automatic bid to the FCS playoffs. Tarleton State and Dixie State are not eligible for the playoffs for another three years. So, there is still a huge issue related to conference expansion. However, adding those five schools would strengthen WAC Hoops immensely. 

There are some really good non-conference games against non-P5 schools. Games against Southern Utah, Wyoming, Utah State, San Francisco, Nevada, Sam Houston State and so forth are all good matchups for WAC schools. The WAC needs to win games against teams with similar statures in order to increase the conference ranking. 

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