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Welcome to WAC Hoops Digest

For the past four years, I have covered the Utah Valley University men’s basketball team. It started as sports editor of the UVU Review and then through a fan site I created, In the middle of the 2018-19 season, I realized I was getting a significant amount of traffic from fans of other WAC schools as well as a great deal of interaction from those fans on Twitter. I have come to love WAC Hoops and am excited for this new venture.

So, I decided that it was time to have a site dedicated to WAC Hoops. And here we are. This new site will have consistent content, consistent podcast episodes discussing what is going on with each program as well as analysis on the outcomes of each weekend. We will talk to coaches and players and keep an interesting dialogue going with each program.

Once again, we will have the weekly power rankings, which New Mexico State dominated last season.

Johnny McCants and New Mexico State are favorites to win the WAC in 2019-2020. Photo by Clark Clifford/UVU Athletics.

It leaves room for discussion and that is another part of this site that I am excited about. I have created a discussion board where fans can respectfully debate and discuss what is going on around the conference.

We will have highlight videos on a YouTube page that we will upload in blog posts on this site. We will be active on social media through our Twitter account and we will be doing a mailbag article once a week to continue interactions with fans. Here is the site where fans can find podcast episodes, as well. 

The WAC is an exciting basketball conference and continues to get better. Yes, New Mexico State is the King of the Hill right now. However, GCU, UVU, Seattle and others are moving on up the ranks and at times giving the Aggies a run for their money. It will be fun to see what happens with it being CSU Bakersfield’s final season in the WAC with Dixie State joining for the 2020-21 season and beyond.

So, welcome to the WAC Hoops Digest. Follow us on Twitter and interact with us sharing your thoughts and asking questions that we will gladly answer. W


About the author

Kyle McDonald

Love everything about WAC Hoops so decided I wanted to write more about it and cover this amazing conference that just keeps getting better. Follow us on Twitter @wachoopsdigest for information, game analysis and much more.

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